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The courses can either be paid credit-card using Paypal or by Invoice.

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This is how it works

Step 1

You buy courses directly on the website, and as a company you can order by INVOICE  and as a private person you  order via PAYPAL. Your uses becomes active shortly after your order is sent and payment success goes through. For company’s abroad, payment can be done only via PAYPAL.

Step 2

When you buy a course you need to fill out the form completely and check the information. During the fillout you can add more than one participant and fill out their names, email and personal-number. Every users need to have a e-mailadress. After you have received the login information by mail you can Log In on the site up in the right corner.

Step 3

When you have logged in you will see a overview of all the courses. You can see the courses that are active and the courses that are not. You can always buy extra courses inside the system. Just follow the instructions to lock up new courses. You will always have 30 days from payment date to complete the course. If you dont finish the course within that timeframe you need to re-buy it again. Good luck with your course!

If you have any questions – Please let us know

If you have any questions you try the FAQ section. There we have many questions and answers about the system. If thats not enought you can always email us att webbkurs@instruktorerna.se or contact us via the contact-form on the website.

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